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The African American Drug Policy Coalition-Greater Los Angeles

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

The National African American Drug Policy Coalition Greater Los Angeles Chapter is an extension of the NAADPC National Headquarters that forms a unique collaborative initiative that address the problem of drug abuse and health care disparity in the African American community with each member organization contributing distinct intellectual content, practices and procedures for eradicating the deleterious societal effects of drug abuse which we feel is a public health crisis.

The organizations represented as members of the Coalition at the national level consist of the National Bar Association, the National Medical Association, the Black Psychiatrists of America, Inc., the National Dental Association, the National Black Nurses Association, Inc., the National Black Prosecutors Association, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, the National Black Police Association, the National Black Alcoholism & Addictions Council, Inc. the National Association of Black Social Workers, Inc., the National Organization of African Americans in Housing, the National Alliance of Black School Educators, Black Administrators in Child Welfare, Inc., Association of Black Psychologists, Association of Black Sociologists, National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, National Association of Health Services Executives, the Association of Black Health System Pharmacists, National Conference of Black Political Scientists, the National Historical Black Colleges and Universities Substance Abuse Consortium, and others. 

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