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Healthy Cultural Themes

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

We look across all dimensions, therefore our families are just a microcosome of our community as a whole, 'balance is crucially needed in addressing many of our social concerns".

We consider probable effects of stressor exposure in terms of developmental stages for females, as well as for males. In reflecting on how both exposure and response set may vary across points of clients' life span. At no time has there been a model that addressed the co-morbidity on a community-based level that addressed most mental/health care/cultural disorders i.e. assimilation, along with these women’s trauma/addiction disorder because of a lack of funding, stigma, and lack of culturally immersed clinical interventions. It is noted that statistics stated by the Center of Disease Control-CDC three out of every five women (3:5) have been either sexually or physically abuse in the United States, and two out every five (2:5) men have been abused.

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