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All services are provided by appointment or during established drop-in times.  

Call (323) 294-9300 Fax (323) 294-9360   

5906 7th Avenue * Los Angeles, CA. 90043

The James A. Miller, M.D., Outpatient of Positive Imagery Foundation, Inc., is currently offering the following services:

  1. Individual, Group, and Family Counseling for people experiencing drug related problems.  The Foundation specializes in providing professional drug counseling and accurate drug information.

  2. Early Education/Intervention Services primarily for people below the age of twenty-one years of age who are "at risk" of experiencing drug related problems.  Clients must meet either or both of the following characteristics:

    1. Drug usage in the experimental or light stage

    2. Member of drug using siblings peer, or family group

  3. Early Education/(Intervention Services include:  Counseling (individual, group, and family); knowledge and skill-enhancing activities; structured groups focusing on family dynamics, problems solving, self-esteem, etc.; representation in schools, agencies and to family groups.

  4. HIV/AIDS, confidential individual, group and family counseling.

  5. Outreach Program, will link services to the critical population e.g., criminal justice, homeless, IV drug users, etc., providing those service in which otherwise this population would not access.

James A Miller, M.D., Outpatient of Positive Imagery Foundation, Inc., charges client treatment fees according to agency and /or ability to pay.


'Disparity in Care By Ethnicities'

Veteran Service Outreach Program-VSOP

The Veterans Service Outreach Program-VSOP was founded from a direct need and realization that as a community and leader we MUST take better care of our Veterans. We must make certain that the veteran, and their family members especially those who serve in battle that have extraordinary emotional, psychological, social and medical concerns, which their needs are being taken care of. The Veterans Administration along with VSOP and our community can play as a critical failsafe that helps assist in keeping these veterans from falling through the cracks of our society.



Gateway Developers Educational Institute

Continuation Educational Units-CEU’s

Gateway Developers Education Online Continuing Education is an extension of services of Positive Imagery Foundation that provides professional educational services for the clinician online. The services will be for mental health professionals in acquiring mandated CEU hours required by the Board Of Behavioral Science. You can view our current website that’s under construction by accessing this link.

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