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"Healthy Families Build Strong Communities"

Mission Statement

The Positive Imagery Foundation, Inc. is a comprehensive educational, treatment and health promotional program. Our mission is to provide appropriate mental and health care services to the African American and Latino communities. The purpose and mission of the Positive Imagery Foundation, Inc. is to foster and increase the awareness of those who live within Central and South Los Angeles, with information and services that would increase the quality of their lives


The “Recovering A-NEW” is a Culturally Competent Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment Model that recognizes there is a need to fill the void found in the standard references in the field of traumatology. The need is especially obvious in the area of assessing the response-set to trauma and its residual effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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We continue in making a difference in our communities: "don't move out and say you're going to make a difference, stay in and make the difference"

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Positive Affirmations

Being a part of the ungoing solutions in addressing the challenges that persist in our communities; join us and become apart of positive change.

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